Welcome to Mechwarrior 5: Mercenaries DLC “Call to Arms” playthrough. In this video I will show you the gameplay of a full missions as well as the MechLab where you customize your Battlemechs. Mechwarrior 5: Mercenaries is a game about stompy Mech action. You take command of a mercenary company and try to grow your income, salvage Mechs and hire Mechwarriors. The game includes a campaign with a vast storyline.

Here are the Mods I use:
Extra Mods from Nexus
Star Map Mouse Over:
Coyote’s Mission Pack:

This DLC is all about Melee Mech Combat. With new Melee focused weapons like hatchets, axes and swords you can dominate the battlefield in close quarter combat. Apart from a bunch of new Mech Variants a new Mech joins the ranks of Mechwarrior 5: Mercenaries: The Hatchetman. This 45 ton Medium Mech can cripple enemies with its Autocannon and Medium Lasers at range just to close in and take components with its Hatchet.

The gameplay is split in two different parts. On the one hand you will have to manage your resources, hire new crew members, outfit your Mechs and travel through the Inner Sphere star map. But the action starts as soon as you get into the cockpit of your Battlemech yourself to fulfill contracts on the battlefield to earn more C-Bills and progress the story. I will review the weapon systems, battlemechs, show you how to build the loadouts and train your pilots and take a look at all the different mission types and upgrades of the MW5 Heroes of the Inner Sphere DLC.

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