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✧ Group Name: #ILUNA
✧ GENERAL: #AiaAmare
✧ LIVE: AiaAmareLIVE
✧ ART: #AmareAtelier
✧ NSFW: #AmarErotic
✧ MEME: #AIYAHamare
✧ FAN NAME: Aiadmirers

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👼 Please be mindful. No spamming or rude words. Please refrain from spamming emojis (as they can be distracting to me and other viewers) UNLESS there is an occasion where I specifically ask for it. Commenting with emojis is fine, but excessive or spammy use will result in a time out.

👼 No discussions about drama, politics, or doxxing speculations. If I see it in the chat, you will be timed out. If I see it in a superchat or dono, I will thank you for the superchat/dono, but I will not read its contents.

👼 No trauma dumping. Please refrain from doing so in chat or superchat/donos. I’m glad that my streams help you on your bad days, but please do not send chats, superchats, or donations containing such material, as it may make me or other viewers uncomfortable. If you do this, I will thank you for the superchat/dono, but I will not read it.

👼 Please do not bring up other Livers in the chat while on my stream UNLESS I bring them up first. In addition, do not bring me up in other Livers’ chats unless they mention me first.

👼 Please stay on topic to the stream. If there are multiple comments being made that are not related to the stream, you will be timed out.

👼 Try not to take things too seriously. We’re all here to just kick back and have fun! If you see anything suspicious in the chat, please remain calm. I or a mod will take care of it.

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