Today I practiced for a crab game tournament. This was HILARIOUS

BlueSkiesClub’s Crab Game Lobby Was HILARIOUS

Twitter: @fatratlive

Today I played in a crab game lobby for the BlueSkiesClub crab game tournament. I played with blueskiesclub and yawnchamp and starbirdjack and more! This was streamed live on twitch and the tournament will have Firebreathban and thebushbandit and blueskiesclub and alioof and willcreated and mamilkman and natisalie and many many more. One of those more people is craftclan who played in a crab game lobby with antfrost and 5up and greninja and dream and georgenotfound and hannaxxrose and ludwig and tommyinnit and quackity and connoreatspants and valkrae and so so many more.

Crab Game is a First-Person Multiplayer game where you fight for the ultimate cash price in different minigames based on children’s games, until only one player is left to claim it all. Definitely not based on any online streaming pop culture korean tv shows, as that would get me in legal trouble, so we’re certainly not doing that.

Up to 35 players
28 Maps
9 Game-modes
Server List

If you’re not sold on this game yet, just listen to what our very satisifed customers have to say about it!
“hey this game is pretty cool” – Jeff
(Photo of Jeff)

“really fun with friends and family haha” – Also Jeff
(another picture of jeff)