Crab Game has a very interesting community, in this video I explore all corners of Crab Game from Buttons game mode to Stepping stones. Crab Game (the Squid Game indie game developed on unity by Dani) has 14 game modes: Bustling Buttons, Standoff, Tile Drive, King of the Hill, Hide and Seek, Hat King, Death from Above, Race, Bomb Tag, Block drop, The floor is Lava, Lights out, Stepping Stones and the iconic Red Light Green Light.

This Crab Game funny moments gameplay video will teach you how to survive. Teaching you tips and tricks to beat your opponents like baiting the red light green light beep and pushing your enemies off of the stepping stones. I hope you enjoy this Crab Game funny moments video with funny voice chats, funny interactions and hilarious gameplay!


0:00 Introduction to Chaos
0:32 Stepping Stones
1:56 Bustling Buttons
3:21 Lights Out
4:15 Spectating
4:50 Hackers
5:40 Lobby
6:56 Race
8:44 Grand Finale

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