Crab Game is an online multiplayer video game developed by Dani, the creator of the popular game “Karate Cat”. The game features up to 50 players competing in a series of mini-games and challenges as crabs on an island.

Players control their crab avatars and navigate through various obstacles and hazards, such as avoiding falling boulders, jumping across platforms, or pushing objects to progress. The game also includes different modes, such as team-based battles and free-for-all games.

The game’s graphics and sound design are intentionally low-fi and retro-inspired, adding to the game’s charm and humor. Crab Game has gained popularity for its quirky and entertaining gameplay, and its use of memes and internet culture references. The game’s popularity has led to a dedicated fan base and frequent updates from the developer.

Review –

A silly little game to mess around with friends. A parody on the TV series – Squid game. This game is a competition to survive each round based on child like games assault courses.
Shallow but fun can be found. Worth a bash with friends.

Rating 4-10

Played on PC.
Recorded at 4K @ 60fps
No cheats used

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