Dani has just given us a MAJOR update for Crab Game! He has added cosmetics to the game, micro transactions and a banana???

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How it works

Earning Cosmetics
Crates are completely free to open.
When a game finished, there is a chance to receive a crate drop.
Being toxic / reported / banned / kicked will lead to less drops.
There is a limit to how many crates you can get every day.
Crates can be opened by entering your Inventory, found in the Main Menu.
Crates can also be earned by completing daily quests.

Opening Crates
You can open your crates from the in-game inventory.
There are currently 4 main categories of items you can receive: Hair, Hats, Accessories & Shoes.
There are 50+ items in total, with different rarity: Common, Uncommon, Rare, Extraordinary & Legendary. In addition, items can have special attributes.

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