This video is a 2023 bee swarm simulator guide that shows every reward from defeating the mondo chick in Bee Swarm Simulator! There are many overpowered drops that you can get from the Mondo Chick, such as a Free Mythic Egg from Mondo Chick and the rarest reward being a free star treat!

So, *what is bee swarm simulator*?
Bee Swarm Simulator is an online multiplayer game made in Roblox by Onett. The main purpose of the game is to hatch bees to make a swarm, collect pollen, and make it into honey. You can also use your bee swarm to defeat mobs which drops many rewards! Although there are many more mechanics in Bee Swarm Simulator, like Quests, Items, Bears, Shops, Badges, Codes, Mobs, Amulets, Crafting, Passive Abilities, Energy, Loot Luck, Goo, Nectar, Sprouts, Puffshrooms, Stats, Sparkles, Leaves, Tokens, Token From Leaves, Pollination, Planters, Clouds, Balloons, Cub Buddies, Battle Points, Wind Shrine, Wind Shrine Favor, Wind Shrine Badge Rewards, Field Winds, Memory Match, Eggs and more! It also has events such as Beesmas!

And, *what is a bee swarm simulator memory match*?
The Mondo Chick is a level 8 boss mob located in the Mountain Top Field. It respawns every hour at the full hour (1:00, 2:00, 3:00, etc; not in time zones that are a fractional number of hours away from UTC), and its respawn timer can be found on the side of the Mountain Top Shop. The respawn time is unaffected by the Monster Respawn Time stat. It’s rewards are shareable between players. The Mondo Chick will always spawn at level 8 with 300,000 health. It automatically takes 333 damage each second, causing its health to reach 300 after 15 minutes. If it isn’t defeated within 15 minutes of spawning, it will despawn in a similar fashion of the Commando Chick. Like the Coconut Crab, the faster the Mondo Chick is defeated, the better the rewards will be. Due to its large hitbox and damage, it is recommended to put distance between the player and the Mondo Chick. When it runs out of time, it will jump out of the field towards the Lion Bee Gate entrance

All information shown in this video is from the Bee Swarm Simulator Fandom/Wiki.

🐣The MONDO CHICK MYTHIC EGG CHANCE! All Mondo Chick Bee Swarm Simulator Drops Chances /Rare Rewards!

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